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Despite of the local processing TANECU LTD has found that the famers loose money by selling raw cashew nuts instead of processed cashew nuts, this implies that the Price of raw cashew nut per Kg $ 1.48, while the Price of proceed cashew nut with Value Added per kg $ 8 and the Farmer loose per kg at domestic market $ 6.52.
The is high demand for raw material in export market, this enforces us to change the methodology of processing from local to machinery so that to increase the quality assurance, product standard and value chain addition. The export of processed cashew nut is an opportunity that this new model whereby the aim is to capture the east Africa market and Middle East as well.

The Role of Cashew Nuts in Tanzania

Agriculture remains the dominant sector in Tanzania in terms of its size, contribution to GDP, generation of employment and export earnings. Tanzania is one of Africa’s largest cashew nut growers. Cashew (Anacardium Occidentale L.), is a well-known species of the Anacardiceae family. The Cashew nut Board of Tanzania (CBT) reports that in 2012 Tanzania produced about 158,000 metric tons of cashew nuts. Of this, 88 % is exported as raw nuts, while only 12% is processed internally, leaving a lot of value added and employment opportunities with the importing countries. Tanzania is Africa’s fourth largest producer of cashew nut, behind Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Guinea-Bissau, and the ninth biggest grower in the world. Cashew nut revenue accounted for about five percent of Tanzania’s annual gross domestic product by 2011/13 season. On the right is the statistics for Cashewnuts production in Mtwara and Lindi from 2014 to 2017

Raw Cashewnuts production Trend data in Metric Tonnes 


For Mtwara Region, the production was 172,771.11 and Lindi was 61,739.32


For Mtwara Region, the production was 106,940.222 and Lindi was 27,936.734


For Mtwara Region, the production was 131,781.799 and Lindi was 46,101.346


For Mtwara Region, the production was 86,070.288 and Lindi was 26,647.980

Activities Done by TANECU LTD 

Inspire and Assist

We Inspire and Assist farmers to take part in cashew farming by teaching them and supporting them

Find Markets

We look for prospective buyers from all over the world to buy our products from the farmers


We help AMCOS to get farm inputs and packaging materials for better packaging the products

Represent Farmers

We stand for farmers in different occasions and farmers events. We help in creation of good policies favoring farmers


TANECU is an association, it has members, so we also invest to make more returns to our members

Extension Services

We help farmers by providing them extension services so that they may produce high quality products to meet market standards.